Monday, July 30, 2012

Natural Fusion(SM) Strand by Strand Training Update 2012


Natural Fusion(SM) hair extensions are the next best thing in latest new hair extensions techniques, ladies and gentlemen!  These are some very exciting times for those who learn this technique.  Interest is coming from inside the USA as well as from international stylists and potential clients so we started a stylist directory.

Anyone who trains with us is automatically given a code to use to get free 1yr access to this directory in the celebrity stylist membership status.  Stylists and salons alike can use the serious business directory that is dedicated just for you- a serious business hair extensionist that is now graced with the title of Natural Fusion(SM) hair extensionist.  Visit this new

Advantages of Natural Fusion(SM):
Of special note is the fact that these strand by strand hair extensions last up to 12months!  There is no other hair extension, let alone strand by strand technique out there that can last this long.  Coupled with the fact that Natural Fusion(SM) hair extensions are the healthiest hair extensions ever, salon owners and stylists alike will more than make up the money paid for training in a few days!

Here is a link to more information already made available last year in case you haven't had a chance yet to read it:

Training is ongoing.  However, if you wish for us to visit your State so you don't have to train, send us an e-mail to: and put "Training in (insert your State) and leave us a message.  We will collect all travel training inquires and when we have at least 3-10 in your state we will travel and train your group.  A date and venue will be announced

For less than 2 Salon Owners/ Independent Stylists some expenses are added to training cost.  Please enquire by e-mail with subject line: "Training- Less than 2 people" and enter details within the body of e-mail.

Here is to your success!

Iris Turner
Natural Fusion(SM) hair extensions
"The longest lasting extensions ever"
Contact: (609)897-9567 corporate/ (609)213-7985 quick inquiries after hours.